Steps To Better Hearing.

Having a hearing loss is not something that most people get excited about. However, with the right attitude and approach, it can actually be a very manageable condition. In my years of caring for those with hearing loss, I have seen time and time again people make remarkable improvements by simply dedicating themselves to getting the most out of wearing a hearing aid. With hopes of similar outcomes in the future I am sharing five simple steps to better hearing for you or a loved one to use.


5  Steps for better Hearing:

1. Admit that your hearing is not what it used to be. Understanding your hearing has changed is difficult at first, but the sooner one begins to seek a solution the more likely you are to maintain critical speech comprehension abilities and avoid unnecessary struggles.

2. Keep an open mind and positive attitude while seeking help. Like we have all been told from a young age, attitude is everything. The same applies to having success in treating your hearing loss. Since everyone’s hearing loss is unique, there are a lot of options available to consider. We strive to present those solutions that are best for you.

3. Learn about your hearing problem. Get educated on what may have caused your hearing loss and what are the best solutions for treatment and extended care. We will make sure every patient is aware of the factors and given the resources needed to be successful.

4. Set realistic expectations for hearing aids. As was mentioned in step 1, expectations for restoring perfect hearing are not realistic. Today’s hearing aid technology has produced tremendous hearing benefits for wearers. Your focus should be on improving your hearing abilities with hearing aids at a slow, gradual pace as you adapt to wearing a hearing aid.

5. Patience, practice and time are critical to success. As with anything good, it comes from hard work and practice. Improved hearing in various situations is no different. At first, regaining comprehension abilities for sounds that have not been heard in years may be difficult. However, the reward will be yours to eventually hear simple sounds that may have been lost, even perhaps the songs of birds on a nice day.


How well do you hear?

Some signs of hearing loss

  1. You ask others to repeat what they say.
  2. Background noises make conversation difficult.
  3. Your television or radio are too loud for others.
  4. Family/friends are concerned about your hearing.