About Hearing Loss

Predominantly, hearing loss is a natural part of growing old; just as most elderly people require reading glasses. In 9 out of 10 cases, hearing loss is age-related. Apart from this, constant exposure to loud noise, head trauma, or genetics – to name only a few – could also cause hearing loss.

Signs and Symptoms

A hearing loss develops gradually, almost imperceptibly. Unlike other sensory impairments – for example, degenerated sight – a reduced sense of hearing is not perceived instantaneously and thus may go unnoticed for many years.

Not only are signs and symptoms of hearing loss very subtle; they are also manifold and often differ from person to person.

Reasons for concern may include the following:

  • Asking people to repeat themselves more often than usual
  • Increasing the volume of the TV and radio regardless of loved ones’ volume preference
  • Having the impression that everyone mumbles
  • Having the impression that certain voices, especially those of children or women, are more difficult to understand
  • Straining to follow conversations and getting tired because of the extra listening effort
  • Avoiding social gatherings and losing interest in activities that were once enjoyable
  • Degrees Of Hearing Loss

Minimize the risk of acquiring such a hearing loss; follow these simple guidelines:

  • Wear hearing protection in noisy workplaces
  • Wear earplugs at concerts, music festivals and music clubs; there, noise level can be incredibly loud, comparable to that of a power mower
  • Move away from the noise source
  • Lower the volume of your iPod, or your hi-fi system and TV when listening with headphones