Pulmonary Function Testing Equipment

  • Spirometers


Workplace Applications Software will communicate with a number of spirometers including:

  • The NDD EasyOne Plus The NDD EasyOne Plus never needs calibrating. Why?  The following characteristics make the instrument calibration-free:1) The EasyOne Plus spirometer determines flow by measuring the flight time of ultrasonic pulses. The time measurement is EasyOnePlusperformed digitally using a precision quartz clock.2) The transducers that are used for this time measurement are mounted outside of the flow tube. Changing the flow tube does not change the characteristics of the transducers. In addition, the ultrasonic flow measurement is inherently independent of temperature, humidity, pressure, and gas composition.          PLEASE NOTE: While the EasyOne Plus does not require calibration, it is important to note that the American Thoracic Society, NIOSH/OSHA, and others recommend that the accuracy of the spirometer be verified on a regular basis. This verification is easily done using the ndd 3-liter syringe.


  • The NDD EasyOn-PC ndd TrueFlow™ advantages:
    • no sensor in contact with sample
    • no influence of humidity, barometric pressure, contaminationEasy-On-PC
    • no calibration
    • no cleaning, no maintenance
    • simple and economic consumables
    • easy to operate outside lab with operator prompts and diagnostics
    • extremely high accuracy for low flows
    • no down time